running away. moments of derision. persecuted and paralyzed. I thought. engulfed in a fever of spite. reality fades. martyr to caution. no safety numbers. the right one. the door. wipe the slate clean. please go fuck myself. you just can’t win. stolen moments. merging with the shadows. burning desire. dreaming of a new day. cast aside. the doorway. beyond the reach. the moment is at hand. obscured by clouds. days slipped by. hurt. helpless. the things surround me. dying to believe. lost in thought. in time. seeds of change. irresistible. through our silence. headed straight. the shining sun. the wall came down. onto the ground. freedom HAD arrived. ship of fools. promises lit up. not even pride. of loyalty. of history. life devalues. the sound of drums. slipped away. bitter. great day for freedom. (leaving) just a memory. a snapshot. sarcasm. no arms around me. writing. the wall. just bricks. just a brick. home again. beside the fire. far away. across the field. tolling of the bell. to their knees. magic spells. spoken. breathe. breathe again. hello. is there anybody out there? show me where it hurts. receding. your lips. fever. understand. this is not how I am. little pinprick. little sick. going through the show. corner of my eye. child. grown. dream. gone. comfortably numb. through the shredder. don’t treat me this way. the frightened ones. the promise. long gone. blue sky. goodbye. firing line. nightmares. true. little boy apart. will she break. my heart. all your girlfriends. anyone dirty. where you’ve been. healthy. clean. did it need to be so high? mother. the band is fantastic. what I think. name of the game. sell out. helluva start. it could be made into a monster. you’re never gonna die. (don’t) have a cigar. getting old. fading smiles. bury the light. on your own. would you touch me. a fantasy. waiting for the worms. and the worms ate into his brain. breaking bottles. sound of glass. no hope at all. together we stand. divided we fall. hey you.

beyond the horizon. without boundary. by the cut. the final cut. ragged band. took our dreams away. life consumed by small decay. sleepwalking back again. dreamed of world. desire and ambition. dizzy heights. hunger still unsatisfied. weary eyes. the water flowing. high hopes? gone. might like to. warm thrill of confusion. something eluding. sunshine. what you expected to see. blow your way through this disguise. in the flesh. just like the animals. silence surrounding me. think straight. my words won’t come out right. feel like I’m drowning. where do we go from here. what are you thinking. what are you feeling. keep talking. of no turning back. sitting alone. senses reeled. irresistible grasp. ice is forming. I thought I thought of everything. no navigator. guide my way home. tongue-tied and twisted. state of bliss. determined to try. learning to fly. wanna take a bath? are you feeling ok? like the skin of a dying man. pretend. all right. I. older. you. colder. funeral drum. very much fun. my favourite axe. be careful with that axe. rock and roll refugee. hand in hand. so frightened. bad days. desert land. silent freeway. one of my turns. pig man. charade you are. nearly a laugh. really a cry. cold feet. pigs. three different ones. screaming from all sides. all this temptation. the rising tide. she. take it back. amuse playing games. meat packing. connection they feel. my blood. my tears. not the one you need. anything you want. sell your soul for complete control. what do you want from me? heroes for ghosts. cold comfort for change. lead role in a cage. year after year. the same old fears. wish you were here. keep the loonies on the path. in my hall. in my head. folded faces to the floor. the dam breaks open many years too soon. you re-arrange me till I’m sane. throw away the key. someone’s in my head but it’s not me. no one seems to hear. dark side. I think it’s marvelous. brain damage. stayed out of sight. too long on the inside out. not beating much. vow of silence. extinguished by light. empty smile. starting to choke. clouds that covered me. the words right from my mouth. wearing the inside out. you shone like the sun. childhood and stardom. crossfire. steel breeze. threatened by shadows. random precision. faraway laughter. you reached for the secret. you seer of visions. come on. you piper. you prisoner. and shine! ticking away. make up moments of a dull day. waste the hours. waiting for someone or something to show you the way. you missed the starting gun. run to catch up with the sun. to come up behind you again. older. one day closer to death. find the time. the time is gone. when the tigers broke free. and then: nothing.