A word of blasphemy. That is what they would say, and they wouldn’t know what they were (doing) talking about. I wonder what God would say to it. But I don’t dare to ask. I am afraid to ask Him. In spite of this (un)provoked conflict, I will express it all just like all the other revered mortals claim their right to express their own way, who they claim is the one of the right path. I don’t know what the right path is. The one that the decadent priest, or the phony believer tells me is the one, is more likely the one that is the opposite of the book’s contents. And the Book is supposedly never wrong.

I am not religious. In fact, I despise the perverted wheel of religion. It is a wheel because it is turned to “save” souls who spin it to purge their “crimes” only to commit the next one, even at that same moment while they were purging themselves of the current one. Where is the pride in that? Where is the belief in Him? Where is that purity they claim there is? The purity might be improvisation of an idea, but the purity is as further away from them as the bread is from the beggar in the seldom remembered corner that no one dares to look back to. Yes, people never lose faith and they keep trying to be a better breed. But to what end? To consciously make the same mistake again after they have vowed to be His shepherds? Am I purposely going insane trying to find an excuse for the ever-believers or is that really the state of the art? Are hypocritical perceptions what we have fallen back to? Is it a bigger sin to abide to rules that we follow out of peer pressure or is it worse to admit the animals that we really are?

I am as enlightened today as much as I think I should not stop writing this saga. But I will. Because somebody else has it already written. So they say. Today is the beginning of (an) Easter. I say AN Easter because as far as my moderate memory serves me, the Lord resurrects twice. For their own “justified” reason. So they say. Whenever they decide to “tweak” the calendar. So they say. So they believe in. So they abuse the story. Happy Easter.